Sony Xperia S39h gets pictured in a full photo gallery


Sony Xperia S39h Honami

Sony Mobile is on a big move in 2013, it has already launched Xperia Z and Xperia ZL as the flagship devices for this year, and also introduced a number of other mid-range phones. What we see in these new images is an alleged Sony Xperia S39h that nobody has hard of until now, unless its one of the devices we’ve seen on a list that has leaked back in December (2012). Our guess is that this is the 4.8 inch Xperia Honami.

Xperiablog source claims that Xperia S39h will sport a larger than 4.3 inch screen and smaller than Xperia Z which fits perfectly at 4.8 inch where Xperia Honami is touted as the successor of the Xperia Z but with a smaller screen. We know it’s not the Xperia A with its 4.6 inch display because it just got announced in Japan as Xperia ZR and the official press images show a different back with the camera and the Flash LED aligned in the center one on top of the other.

Xperia S39h has a thicker bezel than the current flagship Z which can be seen on older Sony devices, it looks more like the Xperia T, however this one keeps the Power ON/ OFF trademark signature for 2013. The source of these images says this device is headed to the Chinese market. I guess we will have to wait and see if this is indeed Honami and whether or not it will be available anywhere else, besides China.

Sony also has plans to launch a 6.4 inch phablet this year, which the Japanese OEM employees calls internally Togari and this is not all there are also rumors about Gaga a new 5 inch Full HD phone, details about this devices can be found here.



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