Jelly Bean upgrade now available for Telus GALAXY S II X T989D

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Samsung started rolling out Jelly Bean software upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy S II a while ago and now it is Telus customers turn who own a Samsung GALAXY S II X T989D to receive a well deserved software update to Android 4.1.2. The new firmware update is reportedly rolling out as of today and it is available for the following couple of weeks through Samsung Kies software.

Make sure you’ve got the latest version of Samsung Kies, before proceeding with the upgrade to JB on your Telus Galaxy S II X T989D.


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3 thoughts on “Jelly Bean upgrade now available for Telus GALAXY S II X T989D

  1. nopenopenope

    That’s just great… After waiting for a year… And it’s still 2 generations behind. But since I am running CMW I can’t even update through Kies (being presented by a nice Korean error)… Is there ANYWHERE on the entire internet where I can just download the ROM and custom-install it? Last time I am dealing with Android…. Not worth my time and really getting on my nerves

    • nopenopenope

      Actually nevermind, just broke it in a ragequit… Who said Guerilla glass is unbreakable… pathetic collaboration between telus/samsung


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