How private is your data while using Facebook Home?


facebook home

Facebook Inc launched a few days ago¬†its App Launcher designed for the Android platform¬†called simple ‘Home.’ Home has elicited a few different views all over tech world as to what it actually is and how it works. Home is basically an app which lets you experience Facebook in a different way, a skin that is built around the Android platform but with Facebook as its core. Home still provides access to the phones apps but the experience revolves around the social network.

One of the most prevalent questions being asked is whether Facebook Home will be able to access all user data on the phone. According to a newsroom post by Facebook Home will only collect data when you interact with it, such as commenting on a post or liking a comment. What information does Home collect? Here, Facebook states that Home may collect data on the apps you have on the Home App Launcher. Facebook stores this data for 90 days in identifiable form and uses it to improve how the product works.

For devices that come with Home pre-installed, Home will display system information that will be shown from the apps on your phone. The interface/launcher can be turned off just like any app on your phone, and one can control what it can access and can’t access in the Settings of the app. Does Home collect data on other non-Facebook apps you ask? NO, Home only interacts with itself. One can also view what data which is received by Facebook from the Home app. For more on this developing story, keep it Pocket Droid.

If this wasnt helpful enough, please check the Facebook Q&A here.