Daily Android Game: Super Stickman Golf 2



From the makers of Happy Jump comes Super Stickman Golf 2, a simple yet addictive golf game everyone can play. This game improves on the first by adding features such as customising players with hats, looks and power-ups and new hazards on the golf course.

You start off with a nice easy undulating couple of levels to get you used to the mechanics of the game. You scroll around the screen to view the landscape, pinch in and out to zoom. Aiming is done by using the on-screen buttons. When you’re happy with the direction of your shot, you press the ‘GO’ button. When it reaches the desired power lever, press again and the character takes your shot.

The playing screen
The playing screen

There are numerous power-ups that can be bought. You will start with 7 mulligans which allow you to retake your last shot. As you progress and attain certain achievements, you earn Golf Bux, which allows you to purchase more power-ups in the shop.

Achievements will earn you XP, which increases your level and the higher your level, the better characters and hats you can unlock or buy. Each character and hat have different abilities and powers. I managed to get the pirate hat in the Hat Lottery, which you can play at the end of the level spending some of your hard-earned Golf Bux. The only description given is Blood Water, but I am yet to figure out what it does.

Hat Lottery
Hat Lottery

There are numerous hazards on the courses such as the traditional sand trap and water hazard, but there are also some which could help you. For example, after level two, you find various splodges of pink goo. It appears this sticks, allowing you to get a better angle for a new shot. There are also Portals which get you from one place to another, and even magnets which will deflect your ball (hopefully for the better).

Another new addition is the ability to play Multiplayer games. After entering a username, you choose which course you wish to play and you will be automatically paired with a random player. Once you have taken your turn, you will see a video replay of your opponent take theres. Once the round is over, you will have to wait for the opponent to take their turn. You will be notified by Push Notification when it is your turn again.  At this time, there does not appear to be any functionality to be able to choose who you play against, or have local multiplayer games, but it could be this is coming in a later release or even a purchase through Golf Bux.

Multiplayer Notification
Multiplayer Notification

The graphics are simple and won’t require much heavy lifting from a processor or graphics card, and the 8 bit track which goes with the game is pleasant and gives the game a very retro ambiance without the sketchy graphics. One word of warning, however, this app does weigh in a 34 Mb, so I suggest you download on WiFi.

Super Stickman Golf 2 is available in the Play store for free.



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