The Galaxy S4 may sport a squared design according to a newly leaked case



Everybody is waiting for that ‘Next Big Thing’ to be unveiled, we haven’t seen much details except for some preliminary specifications which were made available last week but rumor says that the Galaxy S4 will feature a squared design rather than the traditional curved & rounded body.

This comes straight from MyLiving, a popular Chinese case manufacturer who claims to have received some information from Foxconn regarding the next galaxy. The case itself doesn’t tell much except for probably the camera-flash placement carried forward from the Galaxy S3.

This is probably just another rumor but we’ll soon have a glimpse of how the device actually looks in few days. Stay tuned!

via MobileGeeks


  1. Flexible 1080p display=Check
    Exynos 5 Octa processor in the United States clocked at 1.8ghz=Check
    Wireless Charging=Check
    And the KICKER: The Galaxy S4 will as a bonus have a pad that will enable the device owner to measure blood pressure, and blood sugar levels as well as other signs regarding health. The monitoring of certain physiological signs would definitely represent an useful application for all customers from children to the elderly.
    The overall versatility of the Galaxy S4 will revolutionize the gadget market in 2013.
    The rest I have NO COMMENT.


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