HTC event now over!

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HTC Event live video february 19

HTC press event will be live streamed over the internet in a couple of hours and PockDroid will provide the video player for the live transmission, so stay tuned folks!

Unfortunately HTC official stream video is not available for everyone to watch it, requires a username and a password. And thats it folks HTC One has been officially unveiled.

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3 thoughts on “HTC event now over!

  1. fuckurass

    It started u said we will give live streaming, now u post on fb that event is live and show its over, trying to be smart u piece of crap, don’t even need to run this site , fools

    • Florian Mihu

      before going all bezerk and start fronting like a child .. why dont you read the whole article.. HTC official stream was never available as we thought it would be.. and we apologized for that, although it wasnt our fault…


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