GALAXY S3 the flagship that carries Samsung legacy forward


red samsung galaxy s3 presentation

Samsung Galaxy S3 was the most anticipated smartphone of 2012 and still is on of the top devices on the market today. With all the technology advancements between the past 2 years, Samsung has really stepped up to their A game with the Galaxy S3. From all the mobile devices and smartphones I’ve played with, the S3 has to be my favourite smartphone other than the Galaxy Note 2 which is my favourite phablet.

My Journey into Android and smartphone technology started just before Samsung Galaxy S2 was released. As a programmer I learned about many programming platforms and as a Java developer I mostly learned about mobile platforms and this is where the love of smartphones grew in me. To be honest I am a fan of Samsung but not because everybody else loves the brand, but because I understand the technology. The Galaxy S3 for me has to be the most advanced smartphone on the market. So lets see why!

red samsung galaxy s3 front

The Galaxy S3 explained:

The Galaxy S3 is probably out  for about 8 months now and during all this time Google released their latest version of Android so the first thing I did was to update it to Jellybean as soon as Samsung South Africa released it and made it public. The first thing that has to be mentioned the S3 was quite impressive in terms of responsiveness before and after upgrading to JellyBean. With the standard ICS (Android 4.0) firmware you could see a bit of lag here and there (between the transition of pages on the home screens). After the update to Jellybean with its Butter Project implementation the device was so much more smoother. Just looking at some time back at the MWC conference held annually Samsung had won awards for ‘Best manufacturer of the year’ as well as the Galaxy S2 as being ‘The best smartphone of the year.’ Bearing all this in mind Samsung took their accomplishments a step further by creating the Galaxy S3.

red samsung galaxy s3 close up

“Inspired by nature, designed for humans,” to some the phrase will not make sense but if you actually do think about it, it’s a well crafted phrase if you take the term ergonomics and mix it up with innovation and nature. What better inspiration a designer could find if not in nature? Nature is endless its like the horizon looking at it, a never-ending border. Inspired by wind, leaves and pebbles the S3 spots a uniquely designed pebble-like shape to it, giving you the ergonomic experience even though it has such a beautifully large 4.8″ HD Super AMOLED display. While the S2 weighs in at 116 grams, the S3 although much bigger in size at a mere 133 grams (+17 grams weight) you wont even feel the difference, that’s how Samsung’s design process played a huge role in the device. In fact if you hold both devices in the palm of your hands you’d think the S3 is lighter than the S2.

Grouped together the unique features on the S3 known as the smart features include features like Direct call, Smart Stay, Smart Alert, S voice and even pop up play. I am not going to go into much detail but if you do want to read about the features take a look at my personal blog. However, what I would like to highlight is that many consumers have the perception that these embedded features into the s3 are too good to be true, is it? The S3 itself has an amazing 720p HD  screen which makes HD videos viewing, a real pleasure.