Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rumor Roundup – 6,3-inch Display, Octa-Core Processor?


galaxy note 2 titanium gray marble whieThe Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was launched back in August 2012, and it is still wearing the phablet crown on the market. Six months since its launch have passed, and yet we hear about what comes to be the Galaxy Note 3.

According to our trustworthy source Korea Times, the next-generation Galaxy Note should sport an enormous 6,3-inch display, probably of FullHD resolution, as that’s the current trend for flagships. It’s also likely it would be a Super Amoled one, as Samsung has always kept the best for its flagships. We also got a word about the processor that should be found inside the Note 3. It should pack the 8-core Exynos chipset Samsung announced at CES this year. The CPU is based on ARM‘s big.LITTLE technology, which translates into a pair of four Cortex A15 high-power cores and the same amount of Cortex A7 low-power ones, resulting with better battery life.

As this is only a rumor, take it with the right amount of salt. We still haven’t heard anything from Samsung, nor we expect to do so, because the Galaxy Note 2 is still in its ‘golden age’, too early for retirement.

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    • Haha, no you don’t. The device is at least 8 more months away from even a *possibility* of release. Samsung is probably still finalizing the hardware. You have no clue.

      • And you do. Don’t make us laugh squidbird. You won’t be buying that’s for sure. So don’t worry about this device cause I will have it on day one.

        • “And you do.” I don’t know, is that a question or a statement? You phrased it like a question, but put a period indicating a statement. :confused.
          In any event, no, I don’t know, you certainly don’t know, and neither does anyone else. That’s my point, idiot. How do you not get that?

          “cause I will have it on day one” Just like you said for months how you’d be getting the Note 2 “day one” but then changed your story to “November 15”? Okay. What a joke.


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