Pantech Perception Android Smartphone for Verizon Leaks

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pantech perceptionCES 2013 may be getting to its end, but that doesn’t mean the fun stops there. In fact, we have quite an interesting leak to talk about. A press shot of an upcoming Verizon smartphone flew by our office, dubbed Pantech Perception.

To give you a better perception¬†of this smartphone, we’ll begin with the specs. Beginning with the screen, it’s a 720p one, probably 4,8-inch. It also packs a 1,5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, which gives quite a punch. The Perception is similar to the recently announced Pantech Discover for AT&T, sans the carrier branding.

Verizon Wireless will offer this smartphone for $50 on-contract, starting Q1 2013.

Source: PocketNow

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