ZTE to be first Chinese vendor using Android 4.2


How to be proud? declare yourself as “the first Chinese vendor to launch an Android smartphone with Android 4.2.” That’s just how you do it.

ZTE proudly (very proudly) announces the N880E to be the first Chinese smartphone running Jelly Bean 4.2. “Now available on ZTE‘s N880E smartphone. Further enhancing the ZTE user experience.” If you didn’t get it, you got it now. ZTE is the smartphone to have. BUT. When the N880E got the 4.1 update, it was meant for the Chinese market. It runs the same processor as the LG Optimus L7 has.

Ofcourse this is news. May be, and though it will only will be available in China, it shows the potential of Android 4.2. Some people still keep saying Android is a fragmented OS, but using the newest build keeps it alive and kicking. When ZTE does, the main manufacturers will have to follow. And the main manufacturers do ship worldwide. In the end, the customer will have the benefit.