Android Game Review: Zombie Highway


Auxbrain Inc have put in a lot of efforts in the past few months to deliver the thing most of us have been waiting for: porting the iOS hit Zombie Highway on Android. And it’s not just a very good port, it’s much more than that! Read on to find out why.

Zombie Highway is a fast-paced game where the main goal is to travel as far as possible without crashing your vehicle into obstacles or having the zombies turning it upside-down. It’s a really fun game: once you start playing it, you won’t stop so easily. Yes, it’s that good.

It’s clear that the Android version of Zombie Highway carries the same successful formula as its older iOS sibling, but the user interface has been completely redesigned. It’s much simpler now, without the numerous menus and sub-menus getting in your way.

We like the clean look and straight-to-the-point conception, which is one of the key features of the game. Selecting a stage has never been easier: with just the tap of a button, all of the choices are presented and as a stage is selected, the environment changes in real-time, which is a very interesting effect indeed. The same can be said for choosing different vehicles and weapons.

There’s a big variety of stages. You basically get all of the stages that are currently offered on the iOS version and some extra ones. Each stage brings its own challenges, whether it’s the case with the visibility or the weapon limits.

As there are many stages, there’s also a huge number of weapons. There’s a wide variety of pistols, machine guns, shotguns and rifles. Each weapon carries its own characteristics, like: reload times, damage, shooting intervals etc. As new weapons are unlocked, the latest ones are automatically equipped for you, but that can be always changed in the corresponding menu.

In the beginning, you start off with an ordinary SUV, but as you progress further and beat the stages, eventually more cars are unlocked. The game currently offers only four vehicles. Each vehicle has its ups and downs and, depending on your needs or on the stage, you are able to equip your desired choice in the car-selection menu.