Daily Android App: GreenPower Battery Saver

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Many times it happens that we forget to switch off our power-consuming features, most times at night – before sleeping, we keep our WiFi or Mobile Network switched on. Ever imagined how much that wastes our phone’s battery life?

Well it is said that there’s an app for everything on the Google Play Store. An application known as GreenPower Battery Saver does your job. By the name itself, it is easy to figure out that this is a Power Saving App. It helps to get few extra hours on the phone’s battery life. It is very efficient if you are at work and you need to stretch few hours. If you are a very heavy smartphone user using push notifications (email and other notifications being sent to your device at the time they are received rather than you manually checking for updates and then receiving them) then this app is useless for you.

This app helps in managing the cellular services. WiFi settings can be altered. WiFi can be turned off when the screen goes off rather than the default setting which keeps it on everytime. WiFi can also be automatically disabled if the signal is low or enabled even if the phone is in AirPlane/Flight Mode. Data Service can be disabled/enabled even when WiFi is on. Along with regulating the WiFi and Data Services’ settings, it is also possible to schedule the syncing of the accounts as and when WiFi/Data Network are enabled .

This app can definitely squeeze few extra hours of battery juice. It is free in the Play Store. However it contains advertisements. To avoid this there is also a Premium version available in the Store for $1.99 . In the premium version, there are a bunch of additional features with highlights being :

  1. Ability to manage Bluetooth settings,
  2. Restriction of certain apps when WiFi/Data Plan is on,
  3. Possible to set different settings for Day and Night.

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