Asus PadFone 2 videos posted to tell us how intuitive it is

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Today, October 16, Asus released the PadFone 2. Just after the press release, Asus shared three videos on its Youtube official channel.

The first one, of course, is a 32 sec. commercial, showing how sleak the PadFone 2 is. The second is a ‘behind the scenes’ story. This story stresses the idea of the PadFone and the PadFone station: it’s simple, effortless and requires no thought. It tells about the new system holding the phone to the station, that took a two year development. The third video is a 1:36 min. demo, showing the PadFone’s unique selling points to captivate you even more.

Remarkable, Asus’ keyword to the PadFone 2 is ‘intuitive’. Rather then giving a technical lecture about all the effort they’ve done, Asus tells a human story about you using this product. Being this well designed and looking beautiful, the Padfone 2 can become a succes.

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