Unreleased LG-E960 smartphone shows up in several photos. Is it the next Nexus?


 It’s like in one of those apocalyptic Hollywood flicks, the world went crazy after a virus infection, in this case the next Nexus smartphone. People just cant stop talking about it, feeding the online community with all sort of alleged details or leaked images.

A new unreleased LG device showed up last night in a blurry photo gallery revealing its design looks similar with the LG Optimus G, alleged Android 4.1.2 JellyBean operating system that if we consider the weird model number showing in one of these photos “Fully JellyBean on Mako.” Google has been using fish names for all of its Nexus devices starting with T-Mobile G1 (for the record this one uses a shark species name – mako). Droid-Life links this device to LG-E960 which went through FCC’s certification not so long ago.

Taking to consideration latest rumors, the next Nexus (LG Nexus or whatever the name) will be based on LG Optimus G specs, however rumors say it will not look like the G, but rather closer to a GALAXY Nexus design.

At a closer look at the image where this guy holds the device in his hand showing its back to the camera, we can clearly see a GALAXY Nexus-like shaped device kept in a plastic case making it look like a Optimus G. Remember the GALAXY S III leaked several months ago in a similar surrounding plastic case?

Any thoughts? We would like to hear them.

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