Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Launch Event in South Africa



Africa – A fast growing and  emerging nation for technology. A continent which is technology hungry, sees the dawn of the note 10.1. Samsung South Africa unveiled the Galaxy Note 10.1 on the evening of the 6th September at Shine studios in Johannesburg.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 features a 1.4 Ghz quad-core Processor a long side 2 gig of RAM. For beginners that was enough to get me excited. “Galaxy Note 10.1 further demonstrates Samsung’s dedication to delivering products that offer a complete mobile experience for creating personalised and expressive content,” said Craige Fleischer Director for Mobile Communication at Samsung South Africa.

The Note 10.1 will be driven by ICS and has a 5 MP back camera with a 1.9 Mp front facing camera allowing for HD recording in the front not only that but the front facing camera will include the same sensor as seen in The Galaxy S3 which will cover the feature known as Smart Stay – A feature that tracks your eye movement and prevents it from going into sleep mode. With all the innovation behind the S3’s technology it was very difficult to leave out the technology that was developed. So Samsung have added the same pop up play feature experienced on the S3 but instead modified it a bit and now you can in fact change the size of the video while in Pop Up Play mode. The Note 10.1 will come in two Variants the Pearl grey and pearl white where alternatively you can get them 16, 32 or 64GB versions.

There was so much hype behind its successful predecessor the 5.3″ version of the family that Samsung could only make something better. Samsung have improved a lot on the S – pen itself With increased sensitivity and precision. The much improved S pen on the Note 10.1 has 1024 levels of sensitivity – An artist’s dream. More amazing adding to that Samsung teaming up with Adobe to bring Photoshop touch to the Tablet free of charge a