Qualcomm’s Monster Quad Core Snapdragon S4 Pro Tablet Released


While targeted at developers and costing a heavy $1,299.00, Qualcomm’s 10.1” WXGA tablet running Android 4.0 gives us a glimpse into the powerful future of mobile devices.

At the heart of the tablet you have the new Snapdragon S4 Pro processor which features four cores, running up to 1.5 GHz each, and an asynchronous design which allows each core to operate independently of the others. On the graphics side we have the Adreno 320 which has support for all the top game engines, API’s like OpenCL that allow the developer to tap into its power for other tasks besides games, and of course more pure power then its predecessors. It’s always good to see more GPU power because the weakness of the S4 has typically been attributed to be the performance of the older Adreno 225. Considering the dual core Snapdragon S4 gave most SoC’s a run for their money its no surprise the new setup sends a message to the competition with huge benchmark scores! Some of the other cool features this tablet include seven microphones, surround sound speakers, fingerprint reader, 13MP camera with flash, and 2GB of RAM.

You can purchase this beast from BSQUARE, get cracking devs!

via Engadget