Google Nexus 10 Concept, The Next Nexus And Android Key Lime Pie


We all like to be teased for new devices, especially when it’s about Nexus devices. Bob Freking had some ideas of what the next bunch of Nexus devices (tablet and phone) may look like, so he decided to draw some concepts of them. The picture above is his idea of the Nexus 10. It inherits the body of the Nexus 7 and makes it bigger, to fit the 10 inch screen. The back is also slightly redesigned. The screen sports 1080p resolution according to Freking, and it should cost about $300. He says it will probably be launched with Android Key Lime Pie, or whatever it’s going to be called.

Bob Freking also imagined the next Nexus phone. It should have a curved body, with white buttons which are also used as notification lights. He has a rather interesting idea, that in November, when Android celebrates its birthday, Google will release a redesign of the first Android smartphone – the G1. Here’s what his imagination looks like: