Samsung Galaxy S3 Touchwiz UX launcher ported to Galaxy S2

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As a full GALAXY S3 ROM has leaked a few days ago it was expected to see all of its goodies extracted and ported by skillful users to other Samsung devices running Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

It didn’t took to long did it, before the TouchWiz Home Screen Launcher was ported to other handsets like the GALAXY S II in this case. Unfortunately the launcher is only available for GALAXY S II devices running Samsung based ROM’s. Those that are  running AOSP are not compatible just yet.

Installation is really easy all you have to do is download the zip archive, put it on your sdcard, flash it and your done. For change log and other details plus downloads links head over to XDA forum link at the bottom of the post.

Note: You might get some force closes on the way as it is not perfectly adapted to the GALAXY S2.

source XDA

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