GALAXY S2 I9100G users enjoying Ice Cream Sandwich sweets?

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GSMArena says the update to Ice Cream Sandwich is under heavy deployment world-wide for the TI OMAP GALAXY S II GT-I9100G model, although we havent heard anything yet from any official channels.

If this is true than its great news for I9100G customers as the other variants of GALAXY S2 user are already enjoying ICS OS upgrade since late last month.

Can anyone owning this device confirm our report and if you do please state your location and carrier too. We will get back with more reports after we receive official word from Samsung.

via GSMArena

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5 thoughts on “GALAXY S2 I9100G users enjoying Ice Cream Sandwich sweets?

  1. guest

    I received the push message with the software update but i cancelled it by mistake. Anyone knows how to get it back? I forced the phone to check for updates but no luck

      • guest

        Yes i did. I actually did a factory reset and no luck. Kies is not helping either. Thanks for your reply man.

        • Florian Mihu

          i see, try calling local customer support at your operator and explain your situation maybe they can push it again.or try removing the SIM card and put it back in (although its an over the air update and i doubt it will work).


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