GALAXY Nexus clone powered by MediaTek MT6575 Cortex-A9 CPU, costs only $142 launches on April 25th


Many people can not afford to buy a $500 smartphone, but what if you will be able to get a clone very similar to the GALAXY Nexus for about 4X times cheaper.

Folks at ARMDevices dot net spotted a clone of the GALAXY Nexus at FanScoo Ltd booth in Shenzhen, China. A company that manufactures LCD display‘s of any size. The GNex clone looks very similar to the original GALAXY Nexus, it is powered by a single-core MediaTek MT6575 ARM Cortex-A9 processor, has a 4.65-inch LCD display, 5 megapixels CMOS camera and runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

As you will probably notice in the video below at one point the dude showing off the clone device is really confused of which one is his real Galaxy Nexus phone.




    • We couldnt get a hold of them the official site seems to be down, we found these contact phone numbers.

      Mobile Phone Number: 18221215618
      Telephone Number: 86-21-64016936
      Fax Number: 86-21-64016950

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