Daily Android App : Solar Battery Charger


Imagine you are travelling in some far distant land away from any human settlement and you are stuck on your way. You want help and for that you try using your phone for calling someone but the battery is completely down. What to do now? SEMSIX have come up with a groundbreaking technology where you can harness the power of light and use it to charge your phone anywhere and everywhere there is light.

This beautiful app turns the screen of your device into solar cells which trap light and use it to charge your phone. It’s a beautiful and green initiative taken by the nature enthusiast developer to save electricity and use a renewable source. There is no point in repeating but to emphasize its importance I would like to add that it saves your hard-earned money by saving electricity.

It consists of a virtual bulb which lights up when the phone starts charging and turns off vice-versa. Guys this is the first step in securing a bright future for our upcoming generations and you have to play your part by using this app. Do read the description of the app completely to know other important features of it.

You can Download it from Google Play Store Link Here


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