Root permissions acquired on Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4G, modem radios extracted for AT&T’s GALAXY S II & GALXAY Note

Samsung GALAXY S Blaze 4G is available in the US for several weeks, while on the development side freelance developers at XDA forums managed to acquire root privileges on the phone.

They even went further and pulled out the radios (modem) out of it, tweaking it to work on T-Mobile’s GALAXY S II (SGH-T989) and apparently it works on GALAXY Note (I717) as well. According to an XDA user testimonial the new modem improves the download speed on T989 .

We are not telling you to rush into it and flash the new LB7 radio, but you can check it out here and if you convince yourself that it works than you can go ahead and do it.

Test results with Telus and LB7 radios (modem)

much more stable using LB7

source XDA (1) ;  (2)

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Florian Mihu
Florian Mihu

yes i know, but the news is about T-mobile SGS II, I wrote "AT&T's" instead of "T-Mobile's" my apology on that. its good to know that you guys have the hawkeye!! thanks 


The T989 is T-Mobile's Galaxy S II. The AT&T SGS2 is the i777. The Blaze radio most likely does not work on the i777 due to different chipset, but it may work on the Skyrocket.