Daily Android Game : Monster Shooter


Monster Shooter is a very cartoon-ish type of shooting game developed by Gamelion Studios . Its set up in a very intriguing environment filled with cute alien adversaries , beautiful landscapes and most importantly loads of guns.

In this game you are DumDum(the main character) ,  your cat has been stolen by aliens and you are set off on a mission to find your cat and finish off all the alien bad guys. You get to choose from 2 gameplay modes namely story mode and survival mode . In story mode there are 30 levels to play staged on 3 planets and survival mode you are against an infinite horde of enemies and is based on how long you survive. Did I tell you about the guns? Its filled with advanced guns and blowing mechanisms including  shotguns, plasma rifles and rocket launchers and a handful of grenades .

The game is fast considering load times and does not take up a lot of space considering the graphics . Considering the graphics, user interface and in-game navigation , this game is too beautiful to be free but yet it is free. The controls may take a little bit of time to get accustomed to but leaving that the game is absolutely stunning and worth download specially considering  that it’s completely free.

You can download it from Google Play store Link Here.



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