Quick Look at Vortex Galaxy Live Wallpaper


Vortex Galaxy is a 3rd edition live wallpaper from Galaxy Series developed by Play Store Top Developer maxelus.net . It’s quite an elegant live wallpaper giving you a virtual tour of a colourful galaxy on the home screen of your device.

It’s an efficient and light live wallpaper and gives you options to change the speeds of shooting stars , enable or disable animations etc. It’s a very beautiful wallpaper which goes easy on your battery and adding a magnificent look to your home screen.

There are other wallpapers from the galaxy series namely Shadow, Inferno and Ice. Other wallpapers are also equally beautiful and elegant , and follow different colour themes suggested by their names.

You can download these Live Wallpapers from Google Play Store Links given below

Vortex Galaxy

Ice Galaxy

Inferno Galaxy

Shadow Galaxy



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