Daily Android App : Zombie Booth


Zombie Booth is a magical app that turns anyone into a zombie. It’s a family app which you can use to have fun with your family and friends turning them in zombies and watch them act like one. It also includes sharing facility with help of which you can share the result with others online.

It’s a beautifully built app giving accurate results. It detects facial features in photographs of people and even animals and turn those into animated zombies. You have an option of  loading a prior photo of any person or taking it on the spot.

It takes significant processing time i.e. the time to convert ordinary photo to an animated zombie which is expected considering the amount of computations required in image processing. It works pretty well with multiple people in a single photo and even responds to user inputs like mobile shake, or screen touch . The one drawback is that it does not work well with side view images. Altogether its a very fun app guaranteeing happy times with family and friends.

You can download it from Google Play Store Link Here



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