Daily Android Game : Cheese Tower

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Cheese tower is a relatively new game developed by TERRANDROID, developer of  Pool Master Pro which got downloaded 10 million to 50 million times. Well complying with their previous standards , Cheese tower is a beautiful and perfectly built game downloaded     1 million to 5 million users up till now.

Your Goal in this game is to pop out all the mice blocks and save the cheese blocks from falling down the base. It has a total of 5 scenarios with increasing difficulty having 25 levels each.  It has life – like physical collision and gravity simulation mechanisms making it more fun to play.

Performance wise this app is flawless as other apps developed by TERRANDROID. It has very vibrant graphics , beautiful animations and sensational sound effects. In app Navigation is as easy as it could be . Overall you cannot miss this app and the hours of fun it provides.

You can download it from Google Play Store Link

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