Quick look at Spring Live Wallpaper for Android


Developed by Blakit , Spring live wallpaper as the name suggests is a live wallpaper bringing in the essence of Spring season right up to the doorstep of your phone. It’s a free live wallpaper with beautiful scenic background and true colours of Spring. As animation it has leaves falling down the sky in a random manner, and the clouds moving beautifully in one direction. The wallpaper responds to the user touch inputs by creating bunch of leaves of different colours and make them fall with the others.

Performance wise its a good wallpaper as its very lightweight and consumes less battery than the other heavy live wallpapers. A thing that it lacks is change in the background colour ie the background of the scene to match the time of day. For example moon and dark background at night and sun and bright counter part in day time. Nevertheless its a good pleasant wallpaper and is worth a download for your mobile.

You could download it from Google Play Store link here.



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