Daily Android Game: Bear Fishing (a Catch and Slice game)


Hello, friends since this is my frist article on PocketDroid I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Ali Abbas and I will be covering Daily Android Apps/Games alongside Roland Fortune. This is my first post so please don’t be to harsh with the critics about it. Thank you and enjoy!

Bear Fishing is a single player game developed by WuZla  similar to ninja fishing on iOS . Basic Story line is that you are a bear and you have gone  fishing . Your aim is to catch fishes and slice them up (like fruit ninja) afterwards. The deeper you go the better fishes you catch. But that’s not all . There are loads of upgrades including max dept reachable, max fishes you could catch at a time , automatic drill depth (one of my favorites)  etc. These upgrades could be bought by coins you earn by catching fishes .

There is a whole catalog of fishes that you can catch going all the way from a clown fish to a shark. The game also consists a treasure chest at the sea bed which if caught brings loads of coins , but getting there is not that simple ,specially in larger depths.

Performance wise the app is fast and non laggy but may require a second or two to load for the first time. I liked its UI (user interface) which is both neat and colorful but the restart option  (required in those frustrating times) in pause menu is missing. Some users have reported issues with sound, that it resets every time the game restarts after being mute for the previous session. The slicing part is little less sensitive compared to Fruit Ninja. Overall its a nice, addictive and a must play game .

The game is available free to download on Google Play Store (Android market)



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