Android Live Wallpaper: Yang the cat (sweet little kitten)


Yang The Cat Live Wallpaper is a beautifully crafted, animated and interactive sweet little kitten straight on your Android smartphone home screen. Reminds  me of a song from “The Big Bang Theory,” singed by Penny to Sheldon Cooper (smile).

You can try the lite version which is available free on Google Play Store but there’s only one image available the rest of them as seen in the image above are only accessible through the full version.

In the full version you can comfort the little kitten, she purrs, meows and even sleeps! Optionally you can change conditions from snowy to fireflies and customize Yang in many ways! Lots of options and accessories such as hats, glasses, necklaces, eye colour and other details to change and combine. All art is original and hand painted!

Download Yang the Cat Lite version free at Google Play Store (Android market)

Download Yang the Cat Full version free at Google Play Store (Android market)



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