Samsung SII Plus press release shows phone running Ice Cream Sandwich

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Even as the Galaxy SIII is not going to be announced at MWC in Barcelona, it seems like the Korean company will still unveil a smartphone over there, and it will be the Galaxy S II Plus . The phone popped up in a benchmark revealing that its processor clock has been bumped to 1.5 GHz (up from 1.2 in the Galaxy S II). Leaked press photo have given enough proof to CONFIRM the release of the phone.

Another one of Eldar Murtazin discoveries, the press photos resemble a bumped up version of the Galaxy SII Plus with the phone having Android menu buttons which are now all capacitive and closely mimic the styling of the on-screen buttons seen in Android 4.0 on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The circular folders on the screen resemble the folders’ icon present in the Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

Whats I am eager to see is at what price the Samsung Galaxy SII Plus will be sold at ?! I can hardly see a downfall in the price especially with the bumped up processor. On the other hand, the Galaxy S II Plus should obviously be cheaper than the Galaxy S III, and that’s coming in the first half of this year.

Update: Slashgear says the render is fake, what do you guys think is it fake or not?! Let us know via comments box below!

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