Lenovo ThinkPad tablet finally rooted


For a while now owners of Lenovo ThinkPad Android 3.1 Honeycomb business tablet was denied root privileges, but not anymore.

Recognized security researcher Dan Rosenburg, also known as the man who brought root user permission for over a dozen of Android devices, now has come with a solution to permanently root Lenovo ThinkPad tablet.

Dan’s root package only works on Windows operating system. Th acquire root on your ThinkPad follow these steps below:


  •  Make sure you have the latest ADB drivers installed on your PC, and that your device is in USB Debugging mode. More detailed instructions for this are available here.
  • Download the root exploit here.
  • Make sure your Thinkpad is connected to your PC via USB, is turned on, and has the screen unlocked.
  • Extract the entire zipfile, and run “run.bat”. Follow any directions given in the command prompt closely, and ignore any activity on the Thinkpad itself.

If you did follow the instructions correctly you should have a rooted device by now. Enjoy!


via VulnFactory


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