The original Motorola Droid receives Android 2.3.7 from Peter Alfonso

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Peter Alfonso is known for its first Bugless Beast custom ROMs for the original Motorola Droid, lately he decide to take on a new approach maintaining a stock ROM’s appearance but with hidden features underneath it and tweaks built-in called the “GPA” series (Gingerbread Peter Alfonso).

The new update codenamed GPA18 brings the latest Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread to Motorola Droid original along with a list of enhancements and a few fixes.


  • This ROM can be found in ROM Manager (please comment on and rate the ROM!)
  • This ROM includes the latest core Google apps
  • If no sound can be heard during a call, reboot once after initial install

Changelog (notable changes)


  • Common: Android 2.3.7 (Google)
  • Common: Latest Superuser app – ChainsDD
  • Common: Pacman package manager – Kmobs
  • Common: Editable event fields in Contacts app – Danny Baumann
  • Common: Hold app in delete zone to prompt for uninstall – ADW, adamg-xda, renan
  • Common: Delete a word by pressing shift+backspace – zewt
  • Common: Heart emoticon in LatinIME – Kmobs
  • Common: Email app bug fixes and improvements – various
  • Passion: Kernel update, added governors and bug fixes…
  • Passion: Updated proprietaries
  • Crespo/Crespo4G: Updated proprietaries
source Peter Alfonso Blog
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