Samsung Galaxy S2 US variants for T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint reveals to the world


We got news folks, Verizon Wireless carrier announced that they won’t launch a Galaxy S2 version for the US market which we find it dissappointing, while T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint models show up all together in a leaked image.¬†Its been a pretty long road until today when we got our hands on the very first clear image of these new¬†designs.

Verizon is thinking big and from our point of view and according to the rumors circling, the US wireless carrier is preparing the path for Samsung Nexus Prime, a much more powerful handheld device then the SGS II. Getting back to “our” desings from the leaked image, we can notice only a small change at the edges. The case lines are not that curved and pretty much follows the original design of Samsung Galaxy S2.


source: PocketNow


  1. It’s another pathetic attempt for Apple to slow S2 sales.
    Apple is evil. LEAVE VERIZON AND GET THE AT&T ATTAIN. I was afraid of att when I got my iPhone. but I didnt see any difference in quality between verizon and att. I cant believe verizon is tonguing steves balls like this


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