Daily Android Game: Cube of Atlantis (Free)

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One of the best puzzling games i found on the market lately, Cube of Atlantis tests the limit of your ingenuity and patience as you try to solve the mystery.

“Legend holds that the great treasure of Atlantis was hidden just before the city got¬†destroyed. A single key created to show the treasure’s site only if the bearer proved worthy.” Do you have what it takes to unlock it?


  • Fully interactive 3D cube – touch it, spin it, lick it. Whatever it takes to solve it
  • Original sound effects
  • 20 Levels progressing from easy to way-too-hard (many more levels in Full Version)
  • Multiple user support: let your friends play with their own username so they don’t mess up your progress
  • Helpful Hints: enable this to see hints when you get stuck. Disable hints if you are a puzzle purist


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3 thoughts on “Daily Android Game: Cube of Atlantis (Free)

  1. Jen

    Dude this game is awesome! But it looks like nothing is going to get done at work today, now… Thanks for the find!

  2. georgina

    Help! I can’t figure out distant voices! Anybody know the solution. I’m not good with notes! Been stuck on it for hours


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