Verizon’s Commercial for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4G LTE

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Verizon Wireless, released the first commercial presenting the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch with 4G/LTE support.

The spot commercial is 31 seconds in length and its called¬†“Lightning Strikes Store”, you can order the tablet already online on Verizon’s website or in many retailer stores through out the country (US).

The 10.1-inch 4G Tab is available in two models, a metalic gray and a glossy white model, both come in 16Gb for $529.99 and 32Gb for $629.99.

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5 thoughts on “Verizon’s Commercial for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4G LTE

  1. Aleks Wood

    Hrm… it appears to be one of the many “Total War” games such as Rome: Total War or Medieval: Total War. Any of them are awesome and worth playing :)


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