Samsung Galaxy 3 Gets Froyo Update XXJPS Still No Gingerbread


The mid-end device from Samsung Electronics, Galaxy 3 Teos (European variant) also known as Apollo (Asian variant), recieved a new update and its not Gingerbread.

Although the device recieved an overclock to the amazing speed of 1.4Ghz, being pretty stable and with an alternative to be able to play HD games on a low quality texture helped by the Chainfire3D the device is closing by Nexus One as performance. There is also a CyanogenMod Gingerbread 2.3.4 portation attempt from the XDA SG3 community.

Unfortunately there is no official update to Android Gingerbread for this device, and probably it wont be at all.

The latest update from SamFirmware brings more bug fixes to the earlier versions such as XXJPQ and XWJPF.

Download update XWJPK

Download update XXJPS