[HOW-TO] Enable GSM phone calls on your S-OFF HTC Flyer

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I guess most of you were pissed-off by HTC, because you were not able to use the Bluetooth headset to make phone calls.

XDA-Forums member clubtech, whom found a way to be able to use BT headset to make calls. Here is the full how-to do it to have full bluetooth support:


1) 3G Flyer
2) S-Off (get yours from Alpharev soon!)
3) Root

Using root explorer or your favorite text editor edit the build.prop file under /system/build.prop and edit the following lines:


To enable Bt Headset profile change the following:

ro.bt.profiles	= 4270403
service.brcm.bt.ag_supported = 1

Save your changes and reboot your device. Look under the programs menu you will see the phone app you will now be able to make and receive calls.

Tested on a 3G UK unlocked flyer using an AT&T SIM.

EDIT: now with full BT support!!



[via XDA-Forums]


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