Dolphin Browser HD Update 6.0.0 Available


One of the best mobile browsers out now, Dolphin Browser HD has reached version 6.0, today. The first feature you will notice after the update is done is the brand new logo design representing the dolphin. Webzine is probably the biggest feature of this new version, enriching user experience while browsing web pages online.


What’s in this version:
1. Change into new logo
2. Known issue: if the logo doesn’t change into new one after updating, please create a new shortcut to desktop.
3. Webzine integrated
4. Bring out the beauty of the web and with Dolphin Webzine users can experience the web like never before.
5. Bug fixed:
-Fixed crash problem on Asus Transformer & Xoom
-Fixed Google image issue
-Fixed some other random crashes

What is Webzine?

Dolphin brings out the beauty of the web and with Dolphin Webzine users can experience the web like never before. Web pages are cleanly displayed as a series of thumbnail images and users can scroll through web pages instantly using an intuitive touch interface, tapping on any thumbnail image to open the desired page.

Effortless browsing – read the latest articles from your favorite website without going into any websites.

  • Access right from Dolphin Browser homepage
  • Simply tap to read the entire article
  • Swipe to scroll through thumbnail images of articles
  • Add a subscription
No hassle, no loading and ad-free!

What can I read on Webzine?

  • Hundreds of web and magazine subscriptions to choose from. Wall Street Journal to Cosmopolitan, Health to Entertainment.
  • Access the feeds from your favorite Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter & (for our friends in China) Sina Microblog.

Why Webzine?

We wanted to make it super easy for you to read web articles, access web content and get the information you want right on your mobile device. Just as simple as that.
Our goal is simple; listen to your feedback, and continue to make Dolphin even better.



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