PocketDroid Daily App – Chronotopia Beta 7 (mClock)


Remember mClock ?? This is a new and improved version of it under a different project name from the same developer knoxcoder. The project is now called Chronotopia.

Chronotopia is still in beta version and lets you fully edit and customize your clock widget, it also includes basic weather, data, battery, shapes, custom fonts, colors, gradients, shadows, blur, autosize. Check the screenshots below to see some fully customized home screens using this application.

The developer of Chronotopia additionaly added some future options that will be added such as:  tap to launch, more weather features, finish theme support, languages.Check the full feature list and the changelog of the latest beta version:


  • Fully editable widget layout and properties
  • Export widget as a theme
  • Import theme
  • Main launcher to edit any created widget (in apps folder)
  • Clock, date, battery, shapes
  • Custom fonts, colors, gradients, shadows, blur, autosize
  • Low battery usage (only updates when screen is on)
  • Basic weather
  • Custom images
  • Notifications

Change log:

  • 0.1 Initial release
  • 0.2 Fixed shadows, canvas touch layout, other minor issues
  • 0.3 New theme support, leading zero for hour element, low battery color for health percent circle, bug fixes, new name, new icon
  • 0.4 Fixed widget not clearing display, fixed widget sizing issues
  • 0.5 Fixed widget failing to update
  • 0.6 Added images and battery line percentage
  • 0.7 Added missed calls and unread sms notification elements