Samsung’s Trump Card is Here!!!


Samsung’s Galaxy series has completely changed the complexion of Android Smartphones market.Be it the low-end GPU equipped Galaxy 5 or the so-called the most powerful android phone the Galaxy S II.

Last year Samsung capitalized on the hadwork of Apple by bringing a usable tablet into the mainstream market the Samsung Galaxy Tab .Sporting a 7″ inch Touchscreen some say its a tad small to be called a tablet.Samsung answered them by releasing yet another tablet,Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1,which as the name suggests sports a 10.1 inch touchscreen.People said that Samsung has gone too far with this one its not comfortable to hold it for too long etc.Samsung answers with yet another tablet but this time no one can complain about the size.Its the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9.Now that should silence everyone complaining about hte size.Its not small and its definately not big,its exacktly perfect.But thats for the size only lets see what are we to expect from this here is a Pocketdroid Preview of this mid-size Tablet.

Size and Build

Size is the biggest plus for this mid-range Tablet.With a 8.9″ inch screen size it sits completely in series with the 7″ and 10.1″ version of Galaxy Tabs.By losing an inch of screen diagonal and reducing the weight to something you might actually be able to hold longer than 5 minutes, the Galaxy Tab 8.9 hopes to convert more people to the tablet cause.

OS and UI

The only thing holding tablets back was the Android Tableet only version (Honeycomb).Lagging, lack of support for all the features (like the USB host or microSD card) and low number of optimized apps used to be the deal-breakers.

Google has already addressed most of the performance issues with the 3.1 update and developers have been hard at work on delivering those apps so iOS might finally get itself some proper competition.

Good timing for the Galaxy Tab 8.9 then, which may as well see its prospects soar.Now Samsung touchwiz UI is not one of the best but the best UI seen on an Android device,its simple,intuitive,serene and somewhat I-Phonish but it does its job perfectly well.The tablet will have the Touchwiz UI out of the box unlike the 10.1 version.Samsung managed to sneak in a few elements of its own.There are some minor touches that should help the Galaxy Tab 8.9 stand out in the Honeycomb crowd :-

1) The first one can be noticed right on the homescreen and in the app launcher – the taskbar at the bottom is no longer static. A swipe upwards flips it to its side to reveal six shortcuts. Clicking on any of them opens a widget window that you are free to move around the screen.

2) All the taskbar-docked shortcuts are the proprietary Samsung apps. They include the in-house task manager, world clock and the PenMemo app, as well as a calendar, calculator and a music player. All of them except the task manager have shortcuts to their respective fullscreen apps. Most of the functionality is overlapping anyway so you might not need to go there too often.

3) The notification area has been modified too to include the connectivity toggles that we’ve come to know from the smartphone edition of TouchWiz. They offer more functionality than the stock Honeycomb quick settings – including GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controls – which saves you the extra effort of entering the extended settings menu.

4)The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 also offers access to Samsung Apps – the company’s own app repository. There are just 49 tablet-optimized apps there right now, but the good news is that they are all free and their number will certainly increase before the tablet hits the shelves.

Now in a world where not many apps have been optimized for tablet use the 4th point can be Gamechanger.