Dolphin Browser HD 5.0 Released With AdsFree

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Dolphin Browser HD 5.0 is now available on the Android market without any ads at all, even if in the previous versions they released a paid add-on Dolphin license to remove the ads, starting with 5.0 the browser will be ads free.

The new version offers a very much improved UI, a new styled SpeedDial added a Most visited section, a powerfull bookmarks sidebar, updated themes and add-ons and is more faster and more stable performance, they say.




*Powerful Add-ons support
*Bookmarks Folder support
*Multi-touch pinch zoom
*Multi Tabs browsing
*Powerful Gestures
*Smart RSS Detection
*Colorful Theme packs support
*14+2 Languages support Dtuch and Greek added
*Unexpected Closed Tab Recovery





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