Blackberry Playbook surrenders to Android

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Blackberry Playbook designed by Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM) is the latest gadget to set to be “defeated” by Android OS.

RIM Playbook which Runs on a mashup of webOS and the BlackBerry OS.Its a 7″ tablet with 1ghz dual core processor with 1 GB ram.Its not the hardware which is making rumor but RIM is giving an Android Marketplace.

Blackberry hardly has a handfull of apps that run on it.In order to compete with today’s tablet war the company stated that they are providing software that would allow to download and run¬†android apps.Thus finally RIM was overpowered by android.


After conquering RIM,now Android plans to takeover Symbian , Meego , Webos ,Windows Phone , etc. Hope Android wins!
Pranay Jaiswal



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